Inspection Submission

In the past, “finalizing” and “uploading” an inspection to a bank was two separate steps. Today, we’ve combined those two steps to save you time.

After completing the inspection and selected Review Inspection, You’ll be brought to a summary screen where you can see all the items you updated and photos taken.

Once selecting Finalize and Upload, your inspection will be submitted to the bank. If successful, you’ll be informed with an upload complete notification. Don’t worry! If you don’t have cell coverage or a Wi-Fi connection, your inspection won’t be lost. Once a connection is established, Built Inspect will automatically submit it for you.

Viewing History

Trying to make sure you submitted an inspection? Want to see a photo from an inspection you just submitted? Well, then the new History tab is right for you!

Start by navigating to the History tab. Here you can see all inspections submitted within the last 5 days. (Note: all inspections will remain available on Built’s desktop application).

Select any inspection previously submitted and you’ll be able to view

  • Inspection progress or value submitted

  • Inspection comments

  • Photos submitted

In History, you’ll also be able to see if any inspections have not been submitted. An inspection will be automatically submitted to the bank. Once you regain a connection to cell coverage or Wi-Fi all inspections will show as “green” in your history.

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