The My Schedule in Built Inspect is your one-stop-shop to find and group all your inspection requests. Here are a couple of features that will be useful in your day-to-day

Date Filtering

With Built Inspect, you’ll be able to see past due, current, and future inspection requests all in the same place.

Along the top of the screen, you’ll see three date filtering options; Today, Next 7 Day, and Next 30 Days. Once selected, inspection requests falling within those dates will display on your screen, including any pasty due inspections.

Grouping Inspections

Grouped inspections are a powerful new way you can organize your inspection requests. Group by Subdivision, Lender, Zipcode, or Builder to only see inspections in that group.

Select the Group inspection dropdown to display grouping options. From there you can select Sub Subdivision, Lender, Zipcode, or Builder. After selecting, Done you’ll see a count of inspections for each group. By selecting a group, you’ll see all inspections. Simply click the one you’re searching for and complete the inspection!

Date Filtering and Grouped inspections

Ever find yourself sitting in a subdivision and asking, “I wonder if I have any inspection in this subdivision later this week”? Well, by combining the power of date filtering and grouped inspections, now you can answer that question.

Simply group your inspection by subdivision and select Next 7 Days. Now you can see all inspections for that subdivision within the next week. Now you have visibility into upcoming inspection cutting down on the commutes to the same place multiple times.

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