PREREQUISITE 1:  Fill out an ACH authorization form so we know where to deposit your payments. Reach out to your contractor and they can provide you with a link.   

PREREQUISITE 2:  Whitelist with your email provider to ensure you receive payment and lien waiver email notifications.

  1. When your payment is ready from your contractor you'll receive an email notification (example below).  Click the green button to proceed to your lien waivers.

2. You'll be presented with a web page showing the outstanding lien waivers.  Review and electronically sign the document.

3. After you've signed, will deposit payment into your bank account via same day ACH (restrictions apply, see below).  You'll also receive a signed copy for your records.  Once your payment clears into your account, we'll release your signed lien waiver to your contractor.

That's it!  You've done everything you need to receive payment.

Cut-off Times for Same Day ACH Payment:

For payments under $100,000

  • Signing the lien waiver by 10:30am (CST) will result in same day ACH payment.

  • Signing the lien waiver from 10:31am - 7:00pm (CST) will result in ACH payment on the next business day.

For payments $100,000 and over

  • Signing the lien waiver before 7pm (CST) will result in ACH payment on the next business day.

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