Built Pay is the easy, efficient, and secure way to pay or get paid for construction projects. With Built Pay, you can stop sending out payments yourself and make sure that vendors receive their money on-time with a few clicks.

Built Pay includes several features to help with payments for both payors and payees. Payors--owners or contractors--can specify their payment methods for projects and vendors making future payments faster. You can also send and receive compliance documentation such as lien waivers and W-9s right to your Built account. If you already have projects and vendors in another system like QuickBooks or ProCore, you can connect them to your Built account and import information to get started paying bills faster. Additionally, you can schedule payments in real-time or advance, choosing when payments get deducted from your account and have the option to expedite that delivery of funds for an additional fee.

Payees--contractors, subcontractors, and vendors--can easily receive payments even if they don’t have a Built account. After getting your email notification of a payment, you can choose how you would like to receive a payment, separate from how the payor sends it. During the receiving process, you can also review and sign compliance documentation to send back to the payor in moments, clearing you to receive payment.

Both payors and payees can relax knowing that your payment information is secure. Built Pay has SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance and industry-leading security.

Use the articles below to learn more about how Built Pay can improve how you pay or get paid with greater flexibility than existing methods.

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