Some of Built’s features require the use of third-party cookies. This functionality enables you to use things like our e-signature feature, PandaDoc, and access’s Chrome extension. If you do not want to enable third-party cookies in your browser as a whole, you can customize your browser settings to only accept third-party cookies from these features.

Enable third-party cookies

You can enable third-party cookies for your browser in the browser’s settings. Below are links to instructions on how to enable third-party cookies based on your browser.

* Note: Ad blocking Chrome extensions prevent successful enabling of third-party cookies in Chrome. Uninstall all “ad blocking” Chrome extensions such as Privacy Badger, uBlock, etc.

Customize browser settings

You can customize your browser’s settings so that third-party cookies from specific features are the only ones accepted by adding them to your exceptions list. This option enables you to keep your browser’s settings to block third-party cookies except when it is from one of the indicated sites.


Add to the exception list

PandaDoc (e-signatures)




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