Whenever you have a concern about an inspection was submitted to the Bank or simply want to verify an inspection was submitted successfully, The History tab is the place to go. Here, we've eliminated the old "upload" step and instead automated it.

After clicking History on the bottom navigation panel, you will see all inspections you've submitted in the last 5 days. Here you will see different alerts that indicate the status of the inspection submission.

See the below screenshot to see what they look like.


What is Means

[Green] Date w/ green checkmark

This means the inspection was successfully submitted on that date.

[Blue] Waiting on data connection

This means you either don't have cell coverage or coverage is very poor. The Inspection was not submitted to the bank yet. Once a connection is made, an attempt to submit to the bank will happen automatically.

[Blue] Upload in progress

This means your inspection is in the process of being submitted to the Built Platform and will soon be available to the bank.

[Red] Unable to upload. Tap to retry

This means an attempt was made but the inspection failed to submit. This status requires your attention. Tap the inspection to manually re-attempt submission.

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