PREREQUISITE: Lower-tier lien waiver tracking (xTier) must be enabled on your Lienwaivers subscription. If you have questions about this please reach out to our customer support team using the in-app chat.

1) From the Commitment or Invoice screen in Procore, enter any lower-tier vendors (Suppliers) into the green 'Manage Vendors and Notices' button. This step is critical to inform the rest of the process.

2) To add a Supplier, use the green 'Plus' button to enter their Name and Job Description. Optionally, enter the Notice Date to store a PDF copy of the notice. There is a place for other optional information to be entered if known. Click 'Save' when completed.

3) When it's time to send the lien waiver, head over to the Invoice screen in Procore and view an invoice. Click on the green 'Request Lien Waiver' button.

4) Choose the appropriate lien waiver template, invoice and contact for your first-tier vendor (Subcontractor) on the lefthand side of the window. Then choose the 'Electronic Signature' option for delivery and click the 'Send' button.

5) Now that the lien waiver has been sent to your first-tier vendor (Subcontractor) they will be asked to complete some additional information about the Suppliers before electronically signing their lien waiver. (The following screenshot is what the Subcontractor will see. They will be required to fill out anything underlined in red.)

6) After the Subcontractor has filled in and saved the information about their Suppliers they will be brought to their lien waiver to electronically review and sign.

7) After the first-tier vendor (Subcontractor) has electronically signed, the lien waivers will be sent directly to the lower-tier vendors (Suppliers) for electronic signature.

8) You can view and track all of your lien waivers in your dashboard

Great work! If you have questions please reach out using our in-app chat for the fastest response.

Happy lien waivering!

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