Reasons you might want to archive your lien waivers:

  • You’ve provided signed lien waivers to the project owner or lender and now want to remove them from your dashboard

  • You’ve created a lien waiver(s) in error

  • You no longer need the lien waiver(s) to appear in your dashboard

You can follow these steps to archive your lien waivers:

1. From either your Projects or Subcontractors dashboard, select the waiver(s) you want to archive by clicking the check box to the left of the waiver

2. In the upper right hand side of the Project or Subcontractor’s card, click the three vertical dots

3. Click on ‘Archive selected waivers’

Way to go!  Your waivers are now removed from your dashboard and have been moved into the searchable archive.

Tip:  Need to find lien waivers you’ve previously archived?  You can use our powerful search feature by clicking the spyglass icon located in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard. 

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