The QuickBooks Connector uses Intuit's free QuickBooks Web Connector to sync your QuickBooks company data to Most QuickBooks installations already have the Web Connector installed. To verify if you have the Web Connector installed, open your QuickBooks company file and select File → Update Web Services.

Connect QuickBooks to your account

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Select Settings → Connected Apps.

  3. Select the Download Web Connector QWC file link and save to your QuickBooks server.

  4. Open your QuickBooks company file.

  5. Open the QWC file in the QuickBooks Web Connector and follow the prompts to install into QuickBooks.

  6.  Copy and paste the Web Connector password from the Connected Apps screen into the password dialog in the QuickBooks Web Connector. Save the password when prompted.

  7. Enter the full path of your QuickBooks company file into the Path to company file field on the Connected Apps screen.

  8. Check the box next to the Lien Waivers + Payments application in the QuickBooks Web Connector and select Update selected to sync your data to NOTE: The first sync can take some time depending on the size of your QuickBooks company file. Subsequent syncs will be much faster.

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